Saturday, January 20, 2007

Why Vintage?

Where does my love of vintage come from? My life is surrounded by pieces from the past.

I have a cameo that belonged to my grandmother. I've had it for years and at one time in my life, I wore that piece every day. I lost it in the woods in Alabama. I ended up finding it several days later; or did it find me?

I always loved rummaging through my mother's jewelry box. Several years ago, my brother drove down for a visit, with a truckload of boxes full of vintage treasures that my mom had collected for me. There were several containers of jewelry in that load. That's when my obsession with vintage beads exploded. Word got around that I like old jewelry and my collection grew. And then I was introduced to Ebay! Need I say more? These beads that were made decades ago, now lace my jewelry.

My love of vintage goes beyond jewelry, but that's another story for another day. And yes, the cracks in the cameo were made by me. But, I don't think my grandmother would have minded. Until next time.....


Miriam said...

Hi Katie! That cameo is just beautiful. Love your Etsy store, too!

Jes said...

that is such a beautiful piece!


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