Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Yart Sale

~~~~~ Wednesday, June 11 ~ Friday, June 20 ~~~~~~ FIRST ANNUAL KICKOFF TO SUMMER YART SALE ~ An Artistic Slant to a traditional Yard Sale. 10 day countdown to the first Day of Summer. See my Yart Sale section for my Summer treats in both of my shops. I'll be adding new items throughout the week.~
Hope to see you there! Until next time.....

Monday, June 9, 2008

How Do You Keep Cool?

This morning I set up the sprinkler to water the flower bed on the south side of the house. I used one of those sprinklers like we used to play under when I was a kid. I had it set to only go in one direction. Up, forward, up, forward. Perfect for the area that I was watering. The timer went off, so I went outside to shut the sprinkler off.
I walked to the side of the yard and saw something on the edge of the bed, where the grass meets the soil. What is that? I walk closer and see what it is and immediately run into the house to grab the camera.
Right at the spot where the water falls back down to Earth, sat a turtle. In the sunshine. Keeping cool! He/she was a beauty. So clean and shiny. I snapped a few photos and then me and the turtle went on our merry way. It's June. Turtle days will soon be here!
Until next time.....

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Recycling Ornamental Grass

Two weeks ago, I went outside to transplant my new Ebb Tide Roses. I decided to plant them in front of the house, along part of the driveway- where the Ornamental Grass grew last year.
I got ready to sink the shovel into the ground to dig up the old, dead clump of grass when something caught my eye. I was being watched.

A pair of, what I think are Chipping Sparrows built a nest in the middle of the two foot high clump of grass. And in that nest were four tiny blue/gray and brown speckled eggs.

A few days later, the eggs hatched.

And in a matter of days the babies had feathers and were crowding the nest.
Both parents worked to feed the babes throughout the day. I'm hoping that those green worms hanging from their mouths are cabbage worms from my garden.

And today, when I went out to check on them, they were gone. I could hear the parents chipping away. And I could hear the babies answering them.

The nest was incredibly beautiful. Perfectly woven and lined with horse hair.
Now, it's time for the ornamental grass to go to the compost pile, where it will break down in time and once again nourish my life.
Until next time.....


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