Saturday, June 9, 2007

It's Hot Out and.....

you need a pool! That's what a commercial from a local business has been telling us on TV for years.

So, of course, I had to have a pool, but since this house isn't our 'final destination', I didn't want to even consider a 'real' pool. So, off I went ~ pool shopping. In my mind, I had a picture of what I wanted. Imagine my surprise when I went into Academy Sports and they had it! Without telling John, I bought the pool and the pine straw and tarps to go under it. Oh yeah, and the bicycle pump. Imagine, if you will, the look on his face when he came home that evening and I was in the pool with my sunglasses and a cold drink.

Everyone that I talk to about my pool thinks that I'm nuts ~ that is until they come over for a swim. What's the one thing that everyone wants to do when they swim? Float on a raft. Well, with our pool, you don't need a raft! And, it has two blow up cushions, that are great to prop yourself up on, when you start to melt.

Another good thing about this pool ~ I can work in it. I bought a few floating trays and they work perfectly! No splashing though, when I'm working.

I got it down to a science on how to care for my pool. I change the water once a week. I use old garden hoses to siphon the water out onto my trees and plants. I bought something to throw in the water if it gets dirty that is especially made for small pools ~ although I don't really like to use it. In between cleaning, I wipe the inside down with a light solution of bleach water.
And I got a lightweight plastic tarp to put over the pool at night because last year, this guy made one of the cushions his private lily pad and someone laid eggs on top of the water.

It's been unseasonably hot this season. It's about time to put up the pool. Keep cool!
Until next time.....


Rosehip said...

Wow! I want one too! I don't think I'd work in mine though - the laptop might get a bit soggy!

Steph said...

Me too, me too! I am afraid I would not take quite as good care of my pool as you take of yours, though. It looks so lovely! And I love your little work station.

Tracy Wilkinson said...

Too funny! I used to have one of those to cool off in!
You're pretty confident to be doing beadwork in the water! I know that I'd make a mess and have to get a snorkle on to go find all my beads! :0)

Cozy Sister said...

I love this! That is a very cool studio indeed!

msbelle said...

Waaaay cool!

Bebop said...

Wouldn't that mean the frog is a girl?
Oh wait..don't the females lay the eggs on top of the male and then he deposits them somewhere?


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