Sunday, November 25, 2007

Putting the Cat Out

Winter is settling in here in Middle Tennessee. Early morning temperatures are in the 20's and the first freeze came and went and left a melted looking landscape. Can't say that I'm sad about that either, after the long, hot, dry summer we just had.

It's quiet around here this time of year. Most of the songbirds are gone or not singing. There are no insects chirping at night. Just cold silence. Except for that snoring that comes from under any blanket that's left lying around. Althea had a tendency to root under blankets or t-shirts or anything that's left on the floor and fall asleep. When we first got her, we would throw something over her and she would stay there until she fell asleep. We started calling it 'putting the cat out'.

As I sit here typing this, there is a lumpy blanket on the chair behind me. The lump is snoring. Althea is sound asleep. We won't be seeing much of her around her until Spring. Must be nice!
I'd love to join her, but I'll have to wait until the Holiday rush is over.
Until next time.....


Steph said...

I really want to snuggle under a blanket for the winter starting NOW and not get out until April - Althea is smarter than all of us!

Jes said...




Jamie said...

I know I saw a photo of Althea (sp?) under a rug the other day and now it's gone. Can you still see it or is it just me?

My photos are broken. :-(


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