Monday, June 9, 2008

How Do You Keep Cool?

This morning I set up the sprinkler to water the flower bed on the south side of the house. I used one of those sprinklers like we used to play under when I was a kid. I had it set to only go in one direction. Up, forward, up, forward. Perfect for the area that I was watering. The timer went off, so I went outside to shut the sprinkler off.
I walked to the side of the yard and saw something on the edge of the bed, where the grass meets the soil. What is that? I walk closer and see what it is and immediately run into the house to grab the camera.
Right at the spot where the water falls back down to Earth, sat a turtle. In the sunshine. Keeping cool! He/she was a beauty. So clean and shiny. I snapped a few photos and then me and the turtle went on our merry way. It's June. Turtle days will soon be here!
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Jamie said...

Hi Katie, you've been having so many cool things around you these days!

I've noticed a couple of turtles at the edges of the roads traveling back into the woods/grass so I guess they are safe. If I see one just about to make the trek across the road, then I'll stop to help it. I wouldn't mind a turtle living in our yard - will they eat or dig up much?

I think I've devised a plan to use a weedwhacker and a lawnmower to sort of make strange crop circle markings out into our pasture where we can get much more sun than we can get on the deck under the trees. I just want to put a few tomoto plants out there in the sun.

My father tells me that I will need to separate the different types of tomato plants. If I put my sun gold cherry toms with the bigger orange toms - they will cross pollinate and I won't get any of the big orange toms. I'll have turned them all into the tiny cherry gold toms.

Have you ever heard of such? I'm thinking of doing a labrinth in the pasture with different pots of toms at different parts of the labrinth.

What do you say, Katie? Have you ever had your different types of tomatoes cross pollinate and yield undesirable results?

Katie said...

It's Turtle Days around here. That's what we call this time of year because we see so many of them. We also stop and help them across the road.

You can plant different varieties of tomatoes together. They don't cross. We have 6 varieties this year.

You MUST take pictures of your crop circles, if you do this!

RustChic said...

he/she is adorable. maybe waiting for a tomato sandwhich?

Katie said...

except this one's not in the vegetable garden. :)


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