Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Moving Day

We have a couple of bluebird boxes in the back. We also have a bluebird feeder that I bought several years ago, thinking it would be cool to feed bluebirds since they don't eat at regular bird feeders. That's it, in the foreground. We bought the feed and put it out but the bluebirds never came to eat. But they do seem to like to use it as a house. Why not? Great view with an awesome fixed glass window.
Yesterday, a couple decided to move in. I tried to get a few shots of them without freaking them out too much. I didn't want them to leave.
Today I had to till the round bed and transplant peppers. The nest sits in the middle of the round bed.
Below: Mr B staking his claim.

Above: Mr B checking out the progress from the south door.

Below: Mrs B with a mouthful of pine needles. They both build the nest.

Below: I think that's Mr B inside the box, adding to the nest. They finished the nest. I finished transplanting peppers. I'm heading outdoors to water them in. Bluebirds are not shy birds and tolerate being around humans. Hope they get used to me fast because I'll be knocking on the door when the eggs are laid and again when they hatch.

Until next time.....

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