Saturday, November 24, 2012

Thanksgiving Goodness

We've been over the river and through the woods. We ate. We drank. We visited. We had a wonderful Thanksgiving. It's been non-stop since Wednesday, when the roofers showed up to begin the roofing job. With holiday music cranked up loud, so as to mask the sound of nail guns and air compressors, I baked, and cooked and prepped for our holiday meal.
Usually we have a very traditional meal, but this year my sister in law suggested we get a deboned turkey stuffed with shrimp from New Orleans. So we did just that. And we made sides to go with that Cajun bird. I made Creole sweet potatoes, Black olive bread, cranberry sauce, sauteed kale with shallots and red jalapenos. Dessert was pecan pie. John made duck stew. Our cousin Susan, who is a vegetarian, brought a hazelnut loaf and gravy.  It was an excellent idea. The dinner was fabulous and the leftovers are just as fab.
Don't look for pictures. I didn't take any. Honestly, I didn't even think about taking photos. My camera stayed home.
I am having a holiday sale in my Etsy shop that I've yet to post about. It goes on until Tuesday night. Everything in my shop is marked down 20%. If you click on the snowflake, it will take you to the shop.
I hope y'all had a wonderful Thanksgiving. I'll be decking the halls this week, getting ready to slide into Christmas.
Until next time.....

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