Friday, October 11, 2013

Skeleton Key Obcession

I have always loved skeleton keys. I've been collecting them for years and haven't even realized it until I was rummaging through my paint brush tool box the other day and found a few. Then I found more in my 'nails, screws, what-have-you ' tin. Let's not forget the ones in the kitchen junk drawer and the key chain full in my studio. I once lived in an old farmhouse that had a skeleton key that opened the front door. I loved that house! I also have a tin of them that I use to make jewelry with. Every time I list them, I secretly wish that they don't sell. I recently came across a set of keys with shapes that I've never seen before. I kept one and listed the rest in my shop today. And yes, I'm secretly hoping that they don't sell. You can find my skeleton key jewelry here.
Have a fabulous weekend. The weather here isn't exactly fall-like. It's going to be in the 80's. 
Until next time.....

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Tina Francis said...

I just discovered your blog today after visiting your Etsy shop. I've added to my list of "very favorite" blogs!


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