Thursday, May 15, 2008

My Favorite Tree

We planted three Norwegian Spruces on our property. They are, by far, my favorite non-local tree. They offer shade in the summer, greenery for decorating in the winter, pine cones! and they make a great block where you want privacy.
Their new growth in the Spring is amazing. The tips glow a bright neon green and the pine cones are red.

We named one of the spruces "The Dancing Spruce". She's shaped differently than the others. Her branches are long and lean, unlike the compact form of the others. She always produced the most pine cones. Last summer in the drought, she suffered terribly. She started dieing, branch by branch. But with Spring in the air, she starting to put on new growth- including pine cones. I'm going to cut all the dead limbs out and try and save her. Sure, she'll look like crap for a while, but with a little TLC, I'm hoping that she makes a comeback. The front yard wouldn't look the same without her.
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knitsteel said...

Oh I hope it survives.


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