Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Never Really Alone

When you live out in a rural area, apart from the rest of the world, you're never really alone. I'm surrounded by a chorus of birds from sun up to sundown. Right now, it's the mockingbird right outside my window- singing away. Earlier this morning, it was the turkeys in the field across the road from us.
The other day, it was this pileated woodpecker and like John said, "every body's gotta eat".

There is always something or someone to watch out for too. If I'm tilling in the garden, I have to keep my eye out for the Dude. Last year, he brought his girl around for a tomato smorgasbord

And a couple of days ago, I was hanging the laundry out to dry, looked down and saw this guy. I love living in the country.

Until next time.....


Brooke said...

THAT is a beautimous frog (toad?).

knitsteel said...

You forgot our smallest and most numerous little rural nature friends- the friggin' ticks!!! (grrrr)


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