Monday, April 26, 2010

The Mysterious Wisteria

Several years ago, I purchased a wisteria plant online. I immediately planted it next to a cedar post that I also 'planted', with plans to build an arbor for the vine.
I love wisteria blossoms. Their color is amazing! I'm a blue/purple flower person, so it was definitely on my list of must have plants. Their scent is intoxicating. I couldn't wait for mine to bloom.
I waited and waited and waited. Year after year after year. Yet my wisteria didn't bloom. I googled, I asked questions. But nadda bud. Just vines. Vigorous vines. The kind of vines that grab you when you walk by.
I would trim some of them back because they were out of control. Last fall, I began to think that maybe the company sent me the wrong plant, so I grabbed my pruners and cut it back. Way back. Until there was nothing left but a few stems and the trunk. I had plans of digging it up in the spring and starting from scratch.

One day, a couple of weeks ago, I was adding grass clippings to the compost pile. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw a splash of color coming from the direction of the plant in question. Oh yeah, you guessed right. The vine, or what was left of it, was blooming! It sent out new shoots. From that new growth hung several wisteria blossoms. Hold everything. Run inside and get the camera. It's picture taking time.

Check out that plant. Cut back to nothing and blooming after all these years! Don't ask me why. Or how. Maybe one day, I'll come across the answer. But for now, I think I'll stand there and breath in the scent. I've waited a longggggg time to do so.

Until next time.....


Lara Lewis said...

how weird is that? does it only bloom on new growth? still, that doesn't make any sense. anyways, i'm glad to see that you finally got your blooms! :D

Orion Designs said...

Wonderful! You must have that magic touch.

BlackStar said...

If it only bloomed on new growth, then it would have bloomed before because I've trimmed it back in the past.
I've seen old plants that never get trimmed and bloom like crazy.
It's a mystery to me!

Wild Woman Jewelry said... beautiful! and i am totally envious! that's it, in the fall, i'm cutting mine back to a stump! and you're so right, 'vigorous' is the perfect word to describe the vine~ mine knocks on the door in the mornings for coffee:) enjoy those beautiful blooms!

BlackStar said...

LOL Wild Woman! We must have the same variety. :)


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