Thursday, June 10, 2010

Backyard Bird Update

Here's an update to this blog post, as promised. Like in real life, things don't always go as planned.
Out of the five nests, two of them hatched and went out into the world without a problem.

All four Robin eggs hatched. I took a few photos of them in nest, but tried to stay away. Mama Robins are very protective and I didn't want to upset her.

The House Wren eggs hatched safely too. That was a given. After all, she did build her nest in a bluebird box! I took one picture of the babes. They're still in there. I'll try to get another if I see them when they come out of the box.

Something got the eggs in the Chickadee and Thrasher nests. We're thinking that it was a snake because the nests weren't disturbed.
One night, something got into the Red Finch nest. We woke up to find the nest on the ground. I have some ideas as to what happened to them.
I've got my eye out for more nests. If I find them, I'll be camera ready.
Until next time.....


Sherry said...

Oh, wow. I can't believe how close you got. The pics are aewsome. Lots of nests in our trees this year too.


Anonymous said...

such great pictures! i can't wait to see the wrens as they get bigger...i just love those little birds.

Opulent Oddities said...

What darlings! Thanks for sharing your pictures!

Orion Designs said...

wonderful pictures - thanks for sharing your discoveries


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