Friday, March 16, 2012

'Round Here

 Our crazy weather continues. We're breaking temperature records left and right. The rain continues to come down. Yesterday, I was able to get a lot of work done before it began. When it finally did begin to fall, it brought with it pea sized hail. Today, the forecast is the same. It stopped long enough for me to head outside, get some fresh air and snap some photos.

That was what the sky looked like last night, at sunset, after the storm passed! Everything glowed orange.

I dug up some turnips in the turnip bed that we planted last fall. Normally, they would not have survived the winter. Since it was so mild here, they continued to grow. A nice surprise! I got a fabulous recipe from a woman I met on twitter for tofu turnip soup that I'll be making this weekend.

While I'm waiting for the ground to dry out, I decided to plant some onion sets in some of our large pots.

The bachelor buttons are beginning to bloom. I harvested these seeds years ago, down the road at the edge of a field. I like to think that they once grew in the cottage garden of one of the families that settled this area.

Last year, I moved our herbs closer to the house. It is so much easier to run outside to snip a piece or ten when we need fresh herbs. I dug up a few chunks of oregano. Looks to me like they love their new home.

The parsley plants are still alive and looking pretty good, although they'll soon be seeding out. They're usually dead, but the mild winter.....

I moved the lemon balm too. It's growing next to the rose trellis. I think she'll be happy there.

And our cilantro is also alive and kicking. It will soon be seeding out too.

Today is half over. Here's hoping that we don't get any of that golf ball size hail that I saw on TV last night.

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