Friday, June 28, 2013

Not At All What I Was Expecting.....

Well, today's post was supposed to be about the bluebirds in our garden. I went out to the box this morning to take photos of the four babies that hatched this week and this is what I found! I was shocked, surprised and saddened.
Our bluebirds have had the roughest time this year. Between other birds trying to make nests in their box and the mockingbird couple, that also have a nest near the garden, that have been trying to run the bluebirds off. I'm not sure what's up with that. They usually get along.
A month ago, there were 4 eggs in the nest, but they disappeared. I wondered if a snake had gotten in and eaten them. I guess I was right.
I'm not quite sure what kind of snake this is. Chicken snake? Rat snake? I posted a couple of photos on flickr onto a snake ID group. If you know what kind of snake this is, please let me know.
He/she dropped to the ground and took off under a shrub before I could get a hold of it. Now, I do love snakes. I used to have a Boa named Clyde when I was a teenager, and I know that they need to eat too, but it makes me sad that it ate the bluebirds. But that's nature for ya.
Until next time.....
UPDATE:  I heard back from the flickr group. My guess was correct. It's a rat snake. Also known as a chicken snake.

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