Monday, July 1, 2013

Welcome July

I'm sitting here this morning wearing flip flops, shorts and a LONG sleeve shirt. It is almost cool outside and I love it. The weather has been incredible lately. Mid 80's, low humidity, afternoon showers. The windows are open. The gardens look fabulous. The perfect southern summer.

I haven't seen the chicken snake since the day I removed it from the bluebird house, but I did see a garter snake in the corn patch yesterday. And this morning I saw another chicken snake in the squash bed.

I thought I'd welcome July in with flowers.
A double Rose of Sharon.
Purple morning glory.
Vitex with sleeping bumble bee.

We have a busy week ahead. Our pickling cukes are coming in, so I'll begin making batches of dill pickles. The garlic needs to be braided. The beets are ready to be dug, steamed and frozen. The last of the sugar snap peas need to be put up. The squash plants are producing like crazy. We've been eating a lot of squash for dinner. Grilled zukes are my current favorite. I need to head outside and dig potatoes and
I want to till and prepare a new bed for potatoes and onions. Best get a move on.
Until next time.....

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