Thursday, July 3, 2014

Garden Roundup ~ July 3


 Summer Squash Bed

 Main Garden

 Rattlesnake Pole Beans

 Tomatoes. Forgot to see what variety I was photographing.

Roma Tomatoes

 Pickling Cucumbers

 Sweet Corn.


 Lemongrass and Calendula.

Japanese Eggplant.
It's been a fabulous gardening season so far. The garden is weeded, mulched, fed, staked and thanks to Mother Nature - watered. It's so nice having fresh vegetables again. With our Spring garden harvested and behind us, we're concentrating on the Summer crops.
This is my first time growing fennel. And my first time growing lemongrass from seed. Both seem to be thriving. Those Japanese eggplants are new too. For some reason all of our eggplants sets died. We started three varieties. I have no idea why. I went to a local greenhouse and bought the two varieties that they had. I think these Japanese ones will be great on the grill!
Cucumbers are one of my favorite garden veggies. I eat a cucumber sandwich every morning for breakfast, while they last. The pickling cukes are starting to come in. I made my first batch of kosher dills today.
We'll be spending the 4th at home; grillin', chillin' and picklin' cukes.
Enjoy the weekend!
Until next time.....

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