Sunday, March 25, 2007

In Search of the Perfect Cloche

At one time we had them- the perfect cover to put over young transplants to shade them from the sun and keep critters from eating them. They also helped in hardening the plants off.

They're made out of plastic, cone shaped, open on top, clear and green striped and about a foot tall.

Well , after 20 years, they are beginning to show their age and we don't have many left. I did a search to try to find them because when I looked in the stack of garden catalogs that we get, no one had anything close to these. I need a lot of them, so they need to be cost effective.

I don't want row covers or insect barriers. I have those for when the plants get older. I want these or something close to them.

They are called Sonnenhut and were made in Switzerland. Here's a picture of one. So, do any of you know of anywhere that I can buy these or any other affordable plant covers?

I'll heart you forever!

Until next time.....


catbishop said...

I searched cause I wanted you to heart me forever but found nothing

Jes said... still haven't found those buggers yet? DRATS!

Anonymous said...

There are some on ebay right now:
ebay item no. 360163397710

Katie said...

Thanks Anonymous, whomever you are! I'll check them out.


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