Sunday, March 4, 2007

New Garden Group on Flickr

Man, when Spring starts to spring around here, there never is a dull moment! Our broccoli, cabbage and cauliflower seedlings look great! Tomorrow they get their first foliar feeding of fish emulsion and liquid seaweed. Yum! I actually love the smell. It must be the beach bum in me.

As soon as it dries out, I'm going to turn the gardens. I want to get as early a start as possible on our spring vegees. I'm craving fresh greens.

We started the daunting task of pruning our Bradford Pears. Three down, five to go. There are times when I wish that we didn't have green thumbs. This is one of those times!

I started a new Etsy-Related Flickr Group today. It's entitled 'Etsy Gardening 101'. I thought it would be a good source of information for gardeners and wanna be gardeners. The forums move so fast on Etsy, that threads get buried so quickly. That's what I'm working on today.
All Etsy sellers and buyers are welcome! If you're not a member of Etsy yet, it's easy to join. There are so many wonderful artisans on our site. We can be found at:
Come check out the gardening group at:

And finally, a sure sign of Spring- our Mockingbird is singing! I love to listen to the songs of the Mockingbirds that are on our property. This one is singing on top of the chimney. His song is floating throughout the house. Until next time.....

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