Sunday, April 29, 2007

How Ya Gonna Clap?

Anyone who's ever walked around outside the fairgrounds during the weeks of Jazz Fest knows what this means.
Every year Louisiana holds the New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival. If you have never been to Jazz Fest, you really should consider it. I won't begin to tell you the history of Jazz Fest. I'll post a link to their website, so that you can soak it all up on your own time. What I will tell you is that once you go, it gets in your blood.

I've been going to the festival since it was introduce to me by John. We missed three fests in 22 years- this year being one of them. But part of me feels like I'm there anyway. I can feel the heat of the Louisiana sun. I can smell the smell of wet hay underfoot. I can taste my favorite crawfish pie. And I can hear the music.....

I didn't want Jazz Fest to go by without mentioning it. I haven't been back to NOLA since Katrina. Part of me is scared to death to see what's become of the city that I love and call home one week out of the year. But, the other part of me is homesick and longing to go back. There's always next year. Until next time.....

to learn more about the New Orleans Jazz and Heritage festival, go to their website at:


msbelle said...

You're there in spirit. I'm sure you wanted to go deep down. There was a bluegrass festival in the mtns. here that I usually go to and I got sick so.... :( I know how you feel.

Jes said...

sounds like fun...sorry you're missing it!


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