Sunday, May 13, 2007

Ah Calendula.....

Every herbalist has one or two favorite herbs that they're drawn to. One of mine is Calendula. Calendula Officinalis; known to some as Pot Marigold. It has bright blossoms of yellow or orange. I love picking the sticky blossoms to use in Calendula oil or to dry for future use.

Much to my delight, my favorite soap girl on Etsy makes Calendula Soap. That would be Daisycakes Soap. If you want really good, and I mean really good home made soap, then check out her shop here. I keep a supply on hand. A delight for senses.

I recently purchased Vintage yellow glass flower beads that reminded me of Calendula blossoms; which is exactly what I named the first pair of earrings that I made with them.

My Calendula seeds are planted in the garden and are beginning to germinate. I can't wait to see the blossoms smiling back at me. It's like seeing an old friend again. Until next time.....


Tracey said...

Hi Katie!
Popping in for a visit after a LONG day of gardening. Whoah.
I'm going to check out the soaps you recommended. Calendula does wonders for my sensitive skin . . . it is certainly a favorite of mine, too.

Tracy Wilkinson said...

Oh, I love calendula and use it often in my formulas! One of my favorites, as well. My most favorite plant in the garden is my Lady's Mantle! I have planted one everywhere I have lived. I've left a trail of them around the country!


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