Monday, May 14, 2007

Happy Birthday Althea

Today is Althea's birthday. At least, we say that it is. Four years ago on this date, we adopted her from a shelter. They didn't know her age, but her vet, Dr. Chip guestimated it to be about two at the time.

Her papers read like a rap sheet. She didn't get along with animals and had an attitude problem. I didn't care what they said, she was coming home with me.

Turned out, I was right. It also turned out this cat didn't get along with other animals. And it turned out that she also had an attitude problem. The perfect cat. I like an animal that has a brain and a backbone.

She never flinched when we brought her into the house. She wasn't very fond of loud music though. Four years later, she rocks with the rest of us.
Happy Birthday Althea. Today you're six years old.

Until next time.....

Considering a pet? Check out your local shelter or pet adoption agency. There are so many amazing animals waiting for a home. Waiting for a second chance at happiness.
And remember to spay and neuter your pets.


Janick - Nea Jewelry said...

What a beautiful girl! :)

msbelle said...

Happy Birthday Althea! Rescued pets rock!!

Anonymous said...

"Her papers read like a rap sheet."

Awesome. :)

My two cats are rescues, and they couldn't be cooler. An ex of mine talked me into buying a pure-bred from a breeder once, and he was an asshole (the cat, AND the ex, actually).

Tracy Wilkinson said...

Happy, Happy Day, Althea!
Love, Snowball & Midnight(& Tracyw)

*Mom rescued us, too! That was back in '98.

Kathy said...

Awe ~ she is a beautiful cat. Does she like ice cream? :0)

Steph said...

She is so beautiful. Happy Birthday Althea!

Barb said...

In that second photo of Althea, she could be the poster girl for rescued cats. She's gorgeous. Both my cat, Tai and my dog, Casper are rescued animals and they put sunshine in my life even when it's raining. How wonderful of you to put in a plug for adopting a rescue pet...they are worth their weight in gold and give back more than money can buy.

Tracey said...

Rescued pets DO rock! Well said, msbelle!
Happy, happy Day Althea. May it be filled with lots of naps, hunting excursions and belly rubs.


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