Sunday, May 20, 2007

The Perfect May Day

Drop everything and fill up the cat feeder, we're going to Crystal Lake. I haven't been there since Winter and I've been dying to spend at least one day and night in the woods. So, when I got the news that we were going, I got our world together fast and we headed up the mountain.

The lake was full and clean and the fish were so happy to see us! They love the treats that we bring to feed them. I slept like a log with the sound of frogs filling the cool night air. What's not to love about drinking coffee in front of a fire on an early morning May day? Throw in the fact that I planted my first herb plant up at the lake. Peppermint loves wet areas and what better place to plant it than lakeside? I wonder if deer eat peppermint?

Our camping gear is in the downstairs hallway- where it's going to stay. I'm ready to go back home again; just say when.
Until next time.....


msbelle said...

Sounds like heaven to me! I love the chill in the air when you wake up in the morning, but I especially love that the coffee tastes especially good when camping! :) Beautiful place!

Irene said...

I can smell everything, I can feel your passion.

Wonderful place to spend some time.


Tracy Wilkinson said...

Oh, how wonderful! One of my most favorite things is to wake up and build a little fire in the morning when we camp! We won't be able to go this year, but you can toss a log on the fire for me one morning!

Tracey said...

Heaven,indeed . . . Camping near water is extra magical . . . for me at least!


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