Monday, July 2, 2007

Summer Rain

I almost forgot how wonderful a Summer rain smells and sounds. We had such a dry Spring. I mean reallllly dry. The Earth had cracks in it, just like it does in August- yet this was the end of May.

We finally got 1 1/2" of rain this weekend. The smell of Summer rain takes me back to my childhood. It always smells like my house, on my street, in my town in New Jersey no matter where I am. I love that smell.

And the sound of the rain~~~~~I just opened up the doors and stood there and listened. I soaked up every sound~ the rain running down the downspouts, the raindrops on top of the umbrella, the rumbling of the thunder. The gardens and I both smiled and sighed .
I missed you old friend. Try not to stay away so long.
Until next time.....


msbelle said...

Oh what a beautiful rainbow, and an even more beautiful garden! Yes, the rain is sorely needed. We need it too and haven't had any. Cracks in our yard as well and the fire ants are rampant! I love the smell too. I miss it. Glad to see your garden prospering so!

Steph said...

All our rain has been accompanied by thunder and lightning - my kids are dying to play in the rain. But don't get me wrong - I know better than to complain about rain!
Glad you are finally getting some good rain, Katie - hope you get some soon, Ginger!

Helen | Pepperina Press said...

I miss the sound of really, really heavy rain on a corrugated iron roof. I grew up with that sound in Australia and it was so comforting that even if a storm hit during the day, we kids would leap into bed and snuggle under the covers just for the lovely feel of it.

Sigh. I just made myself homesick.

Tracey said...


What a sensory-invoking post - thank you! A summer rain does the same thing for me . . . everytime.

Megrnc said...

Yay for rain and your sunflowers are awesome. I'm trying to grow some now to use as centerpieces for my wedding!


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