Saturday, August 25, 2007

Excessive Summer Heat and a Passed Out Cat

It's been extremely hot here this past month. Triple digits for days in a row. I know that it was just the Dog Days of Summer, but this is unusual. We've been breaking records left and right.
I've been spending a lot of time indoors sorting beads and taking pictures of beads. And counting beads and listing beads. I've even been dreaming in beads ~ 1000 pixel squares of beads.
Althea's been doing what a cat should be doing to help pass the Dog Days of Summer. Sleeping everywhere and anywhere she can squeeze or sneak into. As my mom used to say "She's living the life of Riley".
Until next time.....


RustChic said...

man it is hot- we got rain today so hopefully yall will get some soon!
stay cool

Katie said...

we've had a couple of showers during the night, which is great. I'll take whatever we can get.

Irene said...

Hi, It's boiling here too...after a lot of rain so the garden is going bonkers!!!

Steph said...

triple digits! yikes!
poor furry kitty.

msbelle said...

Hot as hades here too. No rain. Can't remember when we had rain last. Cracks in the yard. No grass. It sucks. And we just don't go outside. Too hot and stifling.

Tell Althea to get off her cute little furry white tush and do a cute little furry white kitty rain dance! :D


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