Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Congrats Are In Order

I love logging onto Etsy to find that some of my friends are in the spotlight. Funny how you gravitate towards certain people in cyberspace, isn't it? I have a strand of sellers that I feel this way about. Sellers that you can go to with a problem, a joke, or plain old fashioned conversation.
Yesterday, two of my peeps were making news.

I gasped when I saw the featured seller yesterday, followed by a scream and a quick convo to Ginger, known on Etsy as msbelle. She's the current featured seller.

And this morning, while reading blog updates, I read that Sherry, otherwise known as sherrytruitt, is the featured seller in the 'Quit your day job' series in the Storque. With one eye open, and coffee in hand, I rushed over to the blog to read the interview.

Great interviews! I'm so, so happy for these two women.
May you both have more sales than you wish for, and then some.
Until next time.....


Lisa at Lil Fish Studios said...

I just found msbelle through the featured seller interview and LOVE her work!

Gypsy Moon Designs said...

I saw msbelle this morning being featured! Her work is delightfully crisp!

I am going to rush over and read about Sherry. Thanks for letting us know!

msbelle said...

Katie you're the greatest! You and Kathy are two of my faves and I'm forever grateful for your kind words and friendship! You, me and Kathy need to get together sometime and have some fun!! ;)

It's much appreciated!

Congrats to Sherry! That's so fantastic! Yay!

Lisa B. said...

You travel with a good crowd! Congrats to them both!!

Kathy Hardy said...

Whoot, whoot!!!! Yes, Ginger!! We do need to get together. That would be so much fun!!! You & Katie are the most "bestest" cyber friends ever. And thanks Katie, for this post ~ ♥


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