Saturday, March 21, 2009

DIY ~ Make Your Own Ice ~

OK, so Spring is here. Time to think about Spring activities; like camping, hiking, picnics, outdoor concerts. Many of those activities include a cooler. At least it does for us. Store bought ice seems to melt so fast and the thought of buying enough bags to cover the food and drinks in our 100+ quart cooler that we take up to Crystal thanks! I'm a DIY girl.
Several years ago, I started to make our own ice. Here's the method to my madness:
Start filling up ice cube trays days before you're going on your trip/event. Dump the cubes in a bag and store in freezer. Fill quart size yogurt containers or freezer containers with water. Make sure you leave room for the water to expand when it freezes; about an inch from the top.
When you're ready to go, run those under water, pop them out and use whole or 'ice pick' to the desired size.
You'll be surprised how long the ice lasts. Plus you can use the cubes for drinks and know where your water came from.
Happy trails~
Until next time.....

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