Monday, March 9, 2009

The Cottage Garden

Look out that window. It's greening up out there! It's been very Spring-like lately and the landscape is quickly changing from greys and browns to shade of green, with a splash of color from the early Spring flowers. My to-do list is growing faster than the grass.
~Order seeds, start seeds, feed seedlings, cut grass, clean beds, till again, trim bushes, pick flowers to bring indoors.....

I love growing flowers. They are a treat for the senses. I tend to gravitate towards the heirloom blossoms; flowers that grew in the Cottage Gardens from days gone by. Some of my most treasured plants and seeds are those that I've carried with me through the years. It's wonderful to see so many nurseries carrying heirlooms now. One of my favorite catalogs to get lost in is Select Seeds. Check it out if you're looking for a good source of heirloom treasures. And don't forget to check Etsy's plant and seed collection. You can find heirlooms posted there also.

Speaking of heirlooms, my shop is blooming with them. I have designated a category just for my vintage blossoms.
And on that note, I need to wrap this up and head outside. Spring is calling.
Until next time.....


jnicdesigns said...

Lovely collection! That top photo on the left reminds me of my peach blossoms in the snow last weekend! Which is kinda crazy considering it was nearly 80 degrees here all weekend!
We got our little plot for our veggies ready this weekend too so I hear you on the to do lists!
Have fun playing in the dirt! =)

Anonymous said... looks like an ad for a flower garden book.

Lisa B. said...

I just love your flower earrings!! Soooo cute! Can't wait till we have some real signs of spring up here:)


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