Friday, February 12, 2010

Thing Finder

Yesterday, while I was waiting in line at the drive in window at the bank, I spotted a new treasure. A brand new Sam's Club sized Goodwill store. It was huge! And they were having their grand opening. Leaves bank and screeches through parking lot.....

My oh my! I've never been inside a virgin Goodwill store before. Everything was so orderly! The clothes were color coded and all in the right place.
I took a quick look in the jewelry case. Nothing.
I then made my way to my favorite section of thrift stores- kitchenware. They didn't have anything that just blew my socks off, but I did pick up two heavy vintage glasses.
I looked for rusty bits, but nothing called my name.
I need to go back regularly. It is so close to home; well as close as close gets out here.
Happy thrifting~
Until next time.....


Waterrose said...

Oh Wow...yesterday I saw a new one close by as well. But I thought about the change in the economic situation. Before it was a high end furniture store, Rob & a goodwill.

Leaves of Glass said...

mmm, untouched thrifting. old stuff, shiny and new - perfect! :)

Jen said...

Thrift stores rock, new thrift stores are beyond awesome!
Love the 'drinks' glass

Fringe said...

i'm so stinkin' jealous of your sam's club sized thrift store. luck-y!


livingglassart said...

Hehe, that first picture really caught my eye--I had the same exact glass at one time, haven't got a clue of what I ever did with it....maybe its the same one!


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