Saturday, February 13, 2010

Vintage Givre Glass ~ My Precious

Sometimes I feel like Gollum, sitting in front of my mountains of beads. "My precious. Such pretties. Oh, my precious".
There are a lot of beads that never make it into either of my Etsy shops because they are too precious to me.
Givre glass beads are one of them. I do make jewelry with them from time to time and have been known to sell a few loose beads. But for the most part, they remain in the studio; for my eyes only.

I recently purchased several shapes of vintage glass givre cabs that will be making an appearance in my jewelry shop. I've been having a hard time photographing them. Maybe it's because of the foil backing on them. I'll be listing a pair this weekend and then will try to re shoot my photos to see if I can capture their true beauty.

Funny, the things that we gravitate towards. Come a little closer to look at my beads. But don't get too close!
Until next time.....

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