Saturday, March 27, 2010

Bird Wars ~ Day 3

The Cedar Waxwings are still here, trying to eat the berries. And Bill is succeeding at keeping them away. Every now and then, they'll storm the Foster Hollies and grab a berry or two before Bill returns to chase them away. When I hear the commotion, I grab the camera. I still haven't been able to get any good shots, but the sun is out now, so the ones that I did get are a little clearer. I'm not crazy about posting bad photos, but at this point, it's all I have to offer.

They're at in again, right now. This time Althea is up in the window, watching the show. It's
going to be an entertaining day~

I've got to transplant our broccoli and cabbage seedlings today. I think I'll bring the camera with me. Maybe I'll get lucky and can finally get the money shot.
Hope your weekend is filled with simple pleasures.
Until next time.....


Fringe said...

That is amazing! I've never seen such a sight. Those little berry stealing, tweeter stinkers.

Have you tried tying shiny metallic ribbon on some of the branches? I have seen that on fruit trees here. Apparently, the fluttering, light-catching ribbon keeps birds away.

Also, throwing string across the branches to resemble a net (my husband told me about this one). I don't know if you want to try either one of these ideas, but thought I'd mention them....

Keep us posted!

BlackStar said...

I don't care if they eat the berries. That's what we plant the trees for. The problem is that the mockingbird refuses to let them eat. :)

woolies said...

OH! Bad Mockingbird! Back east, we used to have mockingbirds every spring build a nest across the street, and then spend weeks dive-bombing the cat next doors and shreaking at him.

Sherry said...

I'm sending Tippi Hedren your way, watch out!


Cindy said...

Wow, I'll have the occasional waxwing, but never that many at one time. It must be a sight to see. I did finally see a couple of mockingbirds yesterday and later they were singing their little hearts out.


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