Tuesday, March 9, 2010

The Perfect Morning

This is where I was this weekend. We went up to our place atop Monteagle Mountain. The weather was perfect, although we were surprised to see snow on the ground in some places. Down here in rim world, we didn't have much snow. Up on the mountain, seems like they did.

It was the perfect morning. 39 degrees, a warm campfire. The sun about to come up over the lake. Hot coffee perked on the camp stove.
We dropped a few trees. Planted a few trees. Cleared some of the area where the house will go. Lounged around like beached whales. Ate. Drank. Walked to the bluff to watch the sunset.
Mr and Mrs B came by to check out their bluebird house. By the sound of their chatter, I think they approved and are ready to start building a nest.
I want to be back up on the mountain. I could easily go up there and never come down.
Until next time.....


Fringe said...

Oh sweet heavens! That photo of the campfire makes me long so for a camping trip. What a perfect setting! Beautiful...I'm so glad you captured a photo of it.

Nothing beats sitting outside around a roaring campfire, surrounded by nature.


Judy said...

I will take campfire smoke in my hair any day! Sounds like a wonderful weekend.

Sherry said...

Just so serene, Katie. Do you have a cabin on the land, or do you rough it?

On the flip side, we were at the beach, but it was c o l d.!

BlackStar said...

No house yet Sherry. We're going to build up there when we retire. We have a tent.
The beach sounds wonderful.

Kathy Hardy said...

Awesome Katie!!! I would love to join you one day up there on your mountain...life is good!!


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