Monday, May 3, 2010

The Fortunate Ones

Saturday morning started out like a typical spring morning. After 3 solid days working in the gardens and yard, everything looked picture perfect. We stood out in the yard admiring our hard work. The grass was cut and the clippings were added to flower beds as a layer of mulch. The garden was turned. I planted our corn, cucumbers, squash, okra, beans, sunflowers and onions. Now all we needed was a little rain and a lotta sunshine.

But Mother Nature had other plans. It started raining later on that morning. And it rained. And rained. And rained. All day and most of the night. And then again on Sunday. I stood helplessly, watching my garden flood, wondering how much of my good garden soil was washing away.

This isn't the first time that we've had spring floods and watched the gardens flood, but this time was different.
We watched live news coverage. Middle Tn. was in the direct path of these pounding storms and tornadoes. Streets flooded. Interstates flooded. Rivers flooded. There are so many people without electricity right now. So many without homes.

Sure, I'm heartbroken that my garden was washed away, but we are some of the fortunate ones. If you know me at all, you 'know' how sad this is for me to see.
The sun is shining this morning. Birds are singing. It looks like a typical spring morning, but it's not. Out there, the rivers are flooded, homes are flooded or gone and some lives have been lost. It's going to be a long time before things are back to normal 'round here.

Stop and admire the beauty around you because tomorrow it may be gone.


BlackStar said...

The photo was taken after the rain stopped for a while on Saturday. The back part of the garden, that looks so muddy is a 'running river'. The water behind the evergreens is another 'running river'. That a hella lotta water running around!

msbelle said...

I thought about you and hoped you were ok. It's so sad that lives were lost and homes are now gone. You can't stop Mother Nature.

It's unfortunate that you lost your garden, but you're right. You're among the fortunate ones. You have still got your lives. Back in the mid 70s my grandmother's mobile home got washed away during a flood. She and my great grandmother lost everything they owned. Pictures, dishes, clothes, their pie safe with old, old pictures. Everything went down the river. I always think of that and pray for friends when I hear about floods that are near them. So very glad you survived it. Pet Althea for me.

Judy said...

The devastation is just unbelievable! We have been lucky and have been spared but so many have lost everything.

Anonymous said...

this is so sad, the loss and devastation. :(


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