Thursday, May 27, 2010

Where Are The HoneyBees?

The other day, John mentioned that he hadn't seen any honeybees on our flowers. I started to watch for them. He was right. There aren't any bees on our flowers. Today, I was mowing the yard. We have a lot of white clover mixed in with the grass. It's in full bloom. No bees. Not one! It's so quiet and still without them.
I know that honeybees are having problems and this scares the crap out of me.

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msbelle said...

You're right! And it IS scary!

A friend of mine here in Charlotte who keeps bees and usually has local honey each year said that something happened to the majority of their bees this winter. They died but they don't know why. They lost 80% of their bees and she said she was worried. They didn't know if the cold this past winter had done it or if they got whatever it is that they're getting nowadays. But it's not good news either way.

Boy, we'll sure be in a world of hurt if something happens to the bees. :(

Wild Woman Jewelry said...

it scares me too~ we still seem to have lots but i'm watching for them, something i never did before...i hope some return to your lovely garden!

Anonymous said...

when we lived in the poconos, i rarely saw the honeybees. every year it got worse and worse. since we moved to penn state area, we see quite a few...but this is an ag college so i'm not surprised.

we donate $ to honeybee research every year. here's the link for anyone who is interested:


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