Thursday, July 1, 2010

Harvesting Basil

Growing basil? Well, if you are, then you too are probably knee deep in the fresh herb right about now. It's an easy herb to put up. Here's a few of the ways that I preserve basil.

Pretty much everyone I know makes pesto. (note to self: buy pine nuts). I spoon fresh pesto into ice cube trays, freeze and store in freezer containers or freezer bags. Freeze. Take them out and thaw as needed.

I'm not a fan of dried basil, so I freeze ours fresh. I chop the leaves and pack them in freezer containers. When I need some for a recipe, I throw it in while it's still frozen.
Basil garlic vinegar is my favorite thing to make with our basil and garlic. It's so easy to prepare and makes lovely gifts!
Here's how I make ours.
I head out to the garden with a clean bottle, snips and a chopstick. I snip basil leaves and pack the whole leaves into the bottle . This is where the chopstick comes in. Push the leaves through the bottleneck and pack lightly.
Add one clove of garlic to the bottle and top with vinegar. I use white, but you could use any flavor. Store in a cool dark place. You may need to add more vinegar because the leaves will absorb some. I let ours sit a few months. I don't take the basil leaves out, but you can if you wish.
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Erin Jane said...

Ummm...AWESOME! All new ideas for me - genius. I had never thought about freezing basil. I'm so excited to try this ALL! Yippee! Thank you!

Sherry said...

So, how did you know we had pasta with pesto last night? It was awesome. I'll freeze the basil with the pine nuts, but I don't add the grated cheese until I make the dish. I'm going to have to try making vinegar, Katie!

Orion Designs said...

Your basil looks fabulous! I don't have any luck with it here -- it's just too cool and not sunny enough. I can buy some from a local farmer, which I think I need to do this weekend!

Cindy said...

Lucky you, I have no luck growing basil of all things. Yours is looking very healthy. Sounds so easy to grow & harvest.


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