Friday, September 24, 2010


Well according to the calender, autumn is officially here. But by looking at the thermometer, it would be hard to tell. We almost broke a record yesterday. It was 95*. Not the kind of record I care to break.

It's very dry around here. We haven't had any of the rain that came through middle TN and the stress is starting to show. The garden soil is dry as a bone. Trees are losing leaves before they even change color. They say that we're going to get rain and cooler weather next week. Let's hope they're right.

I can't wait until we can head up to the mountain and enjoy camping in the crisp autumn air. I'm bringing my hammock so I can tie it to the trees and watch the leaves fall.
I dragged out some pictures from past years of our trees at Crystal Lake to remind me what lies ahead.....somewhere in the near future.
Until next time.....


Anonymous said...

It sounds like we're experiencing similar weather patterns. It's so hot and dry here, it's depressing. I'm not sure we'll have much by way of colorful foliage either as our trees have been put under a lot of stress this summer. Here's hoping your garden and mine get the much needed rain!

Lori's Glassworks said...

I love camping in the Fall. We have plans to camp the third week of October in Georgia. Autumn has always been my favorite season to camp. I recently posted about my love of camping in the fall. Hope you get rain soon!

La Alicia said...

lovely pictures! that last one's colors are just incredible!!


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