Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Where was my camera?

We took a quick trip up to Crystal Lake this past weekend. It was so nice to be back on the mountain, camping out under the stars. I could easily stay up there and never come back down.

I had several 'where is my camera when I need it' moments.
When we took the tarp off of the woodpile, we found a beautiful copperhead napping. She was about two feet long. Maybe I can get a shot of her next time.
I was sitting next to the water and a butterfly landed on my arm. Blue/orange/black wings inches from my eyes. With the sun out, the shadow the butterfly made was amazing. It would have made a great 'Shadow Shot Sunday'.
A scorpion lives in the stones of our fire pit. We saw him, but alas.....no camera.

Back down from the mountain, I went out to the garden to cut some basil. Something waddled out from under the basil. It was a young dove. I sat down and started talking to it. It turned and came closer, scratched around in the dirt and made itself comfortable. Three feet from me. You guessed it. The camera was in the house.

I can't complain. I do capture some wonderful surprises. The top photo is John walking on top of the dam.
Bottom collage: hot peppers, cardinal climber, autumn clematis in full bloom
Until next time.....

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Anonymous said...

Oh I hate that! When you are seeing the most amazing thing and no camera in sight. Darn. Well, it's really the wonderful experience that counts...and it sounds like you had some great ones!


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