Saturday, January 5, 2013

grumble grumble

yesterday i wrote a post about starting onions from seeds. i tried to upload my photos, like i have been doing since i started this blog. clicked on the 'insert image' icon. went to the page where the swirly thing goes 'round. 'browse' did not show up in the box, where i would choose photos from a file on my computer. so, i tried copying the urls from flickr and that didn't work.
i can't blog without photos. i won't blog without photos. i guess i'll try to poke around the blogger help forum to see if i can figure this out. maybe. quite frankly, i don't want to do it.
if anyone out there can help me, i'd be your bff for life!
yeah, i'm pissed off. and cranky. and i don't like to write negative posts. but i NEED my pictures. i'm a visual kinda gal.
so, if you don't see me for a while or ever again, it's because i can't figure this out.
grumble. grumble. grumble.....

UPDATE! i found this blurb and feel hopeful:
The photo upload icon is not appearing for some users on Internet Explorer. We're investigating the issue and will update this post as soon as we have more information.
Fingers and paws crossed.
Did I mention that I got called for jury duty? I have to go to the courthouse on Monday. This should be interesting.


Sherry said...

I really want to know how that works out. I've only ever started onions from sets.

I had jury duty in the fall. I was seated on a capitol murder case. Scary. I ended up being dismissed when I said I watched public TV. (?)


Kathy Hardy said...

Happy New Year, Katie!!!! Hope you get your pictures working again!! Hate when that happens :(

Waterrose said...

I'm sure you have, but check the size of your photos. Sometimes I'll choose my original photo, rather then my edited, smaller and they will not upload.

Good luck with jury duty!


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