Friday, January 18, 2013

The Solitude of Snow

It's no secret that I love snow. I spent hours outside playing in it as a child growing up in New Jersey. Unfortunately we don't see a lot of it here in middle Tennessee. But when the first flake begins to fall, I bundle up, grab my camera and head outside. Snow makes me feel so peaceful. I can sit for hours watching it fall. And when I come back indoors, I make a cup of hot chocolate to warm my soul, just like my mom used to do when I was but a wee BlackStar.

A few winters ago, snow was predicted. John suggested we head up to Crystal Lake and set up camp. I couldn't go, but sent him on his way with warm clothes and stew to fuel his fire. All I asked was that he take the camera and bring me back some pictures. He did just that. I love that man.
Until next time.....

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