Friday, March 22, 2013

A Mother's Love

The temperature has been all over the map around these parts. The warm weather forced flowers and trees to bloom earlier than usual. But plants weren't the only things that were fooled.
Our killdeer, that I've posted about a few times already, built their nest and laid 3 eggs. The nest, which is on the side of our driveway, is marked with rebar and landscape tape so the UPS guy, or anyone for that matter, doesn't run over it. It is impossible to see, if you don't know it's there.
Well, the weather has turned and we've had a few cold days with even colder nights. They were predicting 1/2" of snow for today and all I could think of was the killdeer nest. We've seen her sitting on the nest in pouring down rain in previous years, but the thought of seeing her sitting in the snow was a sight that I didn't want to see. I had visions of taking the cedar cat house and inverting it over her and the nest, but in reality I would never do that.
So far there has been no snow. This morning when I drove out the driveway, I saw her sitting there in the cold (20's), put the truck in reverse and ran in to get the camera. I stopped the truck next to her and took a few quick photos.
Nature amazes me constantly. This pair of killdeer come back every year. They build their nest in the driveway, no matter what is going on around here. They sit on the nest until the eggs hatch and then they're gone.
Until next time.....

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