Monday, January 21, 2008

Hearts and Flowers.....

.....just in time for Valentine's Day.
I am doing a Holiday Showcase on Tuesday the 22nd. Valentine's Day brings forth visions of hearts and flowers and chocolates to many. In my jewelry shop you will find hearts and flowers, but no chocolates; except for a certain pair of white lucite carved roses that remind me of white chocolate and look good enough to eat.
Stop by and pick up a pair of earrings or just say hi.
Want to make your own earrings? I still have a good selection of heart beads left in my bead store. I even have some flowers listed.

And to all of you that stopped by my bead shop to take advantage of the sales that I was running during our ESST sale.....thank you , thank you, thank you!
Until next time.....


Steph said...

I am so impressed with your preparation for the Valentine season. Valentines always sneaks up on me - February comes and I think - oh, I should have made some things with hearts. Or at least something red. Duh.

msbelle said...

I don't do well making heart stuff. Don't know why. But you sure are!! I love those tie-dye looking flower ones at the top and the paua ones too. And the white chocolate roses!! Those on Flickr were gorgeous!!!


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