Thursday, April 16, 2009

Interview With An Etsian ~ OhFaro~

There are people that we come across throughout our lives that we immediately take a liking to. Faro is one of those people that showed up on my radar. I love browsing through her shop. That photography style is unmistakably OhFaro's.

1. Your name, shop and craft(s).
My name is Faro, my shop name is OhFaro and I make hair accessories for special occasions with a focus on weddings.

2. How long have you been at your craft(s)?
This craft, for about a year. I've moved from 8 years of strictly mosaic art (which I still enjoy) to hair jewelry; it’s a lot less messy, my hands don’t get cut from the china and stained glass shards and I can create my pieces in the house with my family near by.

3. One thing no one knows about you that influences your craft.
As a young girl, I was quite taken with Fred Astaire, he was SO romantic and the ladies he danced with were stunningly beautiful. They were always so sparkly. I love it so much that whenever I’m watching his dance scenes my toes actually point! HA! It’s so weird; my husband sees it and laughs. Something about the dancing, and the costumes and the beautiful women have always enchanted me and so I express my love of old Hollywood glamour in my creations, especially in my product photography. BALLROOM! What a delight! Somewhere inside of this skin I’m in is a true diva, even though I live jeans and Birkenstocks, and in a house full of men.(Here is a YouTube video of Fred with Ginger, check out the sparkle in her hair!

4. Favorite color? Does it affect your work? Why/why not?
I actually have quite a few favorite colors, but I do adore pink and offer several pieces in all shades of pink. However, when it comes to vintage rhinestone jewelry I can see the beauty in all colors. I acquire large jewelry lots for my craft and the variety of color in my collection is so broad that I simply can’t stay all pink all the time. Which is good.

5. Learn anything new lately that's related to your craft? If yes, what is it? If no, what would you like to learn?
Yes- Feathers are FUN and they look marvelous with rhinestones.

6. Best piece of advice that someone gave you that benefited your shop?
In my early twenties a very old (and very beautiful) woman cautioned me to always strive to be unpredictable and unique. She said “make sure and keep them coming back for more.” At the time we were discussing relationships and men, but I think it is great advice for almost any facet of life.

7. Favorite Etsy category to browse and why?
It’s a toss. I love hand painted silk scarves/shawls and seriously covet them on occasion. But I suppose my most favorite category would have to be Purses; I have several favorite sellers in that category, one in particular is daphnenen (www. - her purses are beautiful, she uses the most beautiful fabrics and her crafting is top notch. I’ve given one of her hobo bags away as a gift and hope to be able to get one for myself one day soon. The silly part is that I don’t even carry a purse most of the time.

8. What one thing on Etsy can't you live without?
My shop. It feeds my soul and keeps me moving forward. I love moving forward.

Thanks for doing the interview Faro. After reading this, I now know why our bridesmaid dresses were pink! :)
Until next time.....

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faro said...

What a delight to wake up and find you had me featured on your beautiful blog pages KT.

Thanks so much, I am honored.

Cheers- Faro


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