Sunday, April 19, 2009


Well, it's been a few days since I've seen Lucy. I can only hope that she went home or took off with the wild turkeys. The Guinea hens that she showed up with are still around though, loud as ever!
You are not going to believe this. The other day I went to Nashville and was standing on the deck at my MIL's house and what do you think I saw in the yard????? A turkey! And NOT a wild one, but a light colored one, like Lucy. No, it wasn't her. Granted, my MIL's yard is an acre or so and there is a creek below and there are deer in town and coyotes, but what are the odds that I'd see another domestic turkey? Maybe I'm the turkey whisperer.
Until next time.....

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Judy said...

We were on our way to Nashville today and were headed down Longhollow pike when a turkey almost hit our car. It was flying across the street and just got high enough to get over our car. How horrible would that be if it hit us or vice versa.


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