Saturday, August 8, 2009

Autumn's Calling Once Again

The signs are here. Foggy August mornings. Spider webs everywhere. Colorful sunrises and sunsets. Flowers beginning to fade. Our garden peppers are heavy on the plants. Tomatoes are in full swing, while squash and cukes begin to peter out. We've harvested and put up our corn for the season. And I've been planning the Fall garden, in my head.

I'm beginning to add a few Autumn pieces to my jewelry shop (25% off Weekend Deals sale going on through Sunday night) and Fall hued beads in my deStash shop. I love the colors of Autumn. Rich, warm, earthy.
Autumn's calling once again. Can you hear it?
Until next time.....


Kate8085 said...

That spiderweb photo is breathtaking.
I love the gold orb earrings from your new fall pieces!

Katie said...

Thanks Kate! I love spider webs. I've been looking for them every morning.

Deb said...

Your words are so comforting and colorful! I've seen the same change in my own yard and while driving down the road lately. There are few things so beautiful as hundreds of dew-laden little spider webs, glistening like spun silver in the early morning. The crickets are frantically calling for mates all day long now and the lush green that surrounds me has shifted oh-so slightly to more yellow shades.
Our unseasonably cool weather in Ohio has hastened the onset of late summer symptoms, but instead of being concerned, I only feel comforted because I anticipate the bright Indian Summer that should follow.

The Summer Kitchen Girls said...

We can hardly believe that fall is just about here! Love that spiderweb shot - nice!!
Looks like you've been busy creating new things - looks great!
Enjoy your weekend!

livingglassart said...

Great shot of the spider web. I've been looking around for some to photo but they are all too high up off the ground. I need a squirrel that knows how to use a camera.


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