Friday, January 9, 2009

Love Is In The Air

It's January. Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years are behind us and thoughts turn to the season of Love. And I'm once again pulling out the heart beads and designing a few pieces for my HeartLine. When you're selling online, you've got to start thinking about these things sooner than you'd like.

So, in between packing away the last of the holiday decorations and weeding through the new gardening catalogs that just arrived, I'm listing hearts in my jewelry shop. I also have flowers and white chocolate and other treats. There's even some in my deStash shop. They are all OOAK (one of a kind), so if you see something that catches your eye, you should grab it now. I'm in the Valentine's Day Gift Guide, I purchased a Holiday Showcase for January 10 and I'm going to try to get a Valentine Showcase when they're announced. Time to spread the love. After all, love is in the air~
Until next time.....


knitsational said...

Valentine's Day is one of my favorite holidays. I love seeing what etsians are coming up with for the occassion. I love you pink heart earrings!

Gena said...

I cannot believe we are already talking about Valentines day. Time flies so fast...I love your pearls...they are my favorite.


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