Thursday, February 26, 2009

Dreaming of Summer

It's not that I'm tired of Winter, because I'm not, but this time of year finds me dreaming of summer. The weather in Tennessee can be very unpredictable. Take the next few days for instance. Today it's supposed to be in the high 60's, which will pave the way for strong thunder storms tonight. By this weekend, they're talking snow. My daffodils don't know which way is up.

The treasuries that I've been making on Etsy are all plant inspired. Have you ever looked at the plants and seeds that are available on Etsy? I especially love seeing the heirlooms for sale! If I didn't have too many irons in the fire already, I'd open up another shop to sell my seeds.

My jewelry shop is starting to look more like a garden shop and ice cream parlor. It's obvious where my mind is wandering off to. Soon, I'll be knee deep in freshly turned soil, or like my friend Faro said, sitting on the mower, cutting grass.
May as well enjoy the last carefree days of Winter while I can. Maybe even pull out some winter white beads today.
Until next time.....


jnicdesigns said...

That is one lovely collection of jewels you got there! I'll let you come till our garden if you don't get enough of it at home ;).. OH and pull the weeds too!

sassyglassdesigns said...

Nice designs at the top of your post. We are ready to till our garden also...can't wait for all those fresh veggies. Our weather has been nuts here also...70 yesterday and supposed to be 70 today but we may have thunderstorms.

TheClayMuse said...

Lovely spotlight! I love the old wood as the backdrop!
I have a black thumb... and a new house... I'm scared out of my britches with the thought of spring coming and habing to figure out a garden or landscaping that I won't kill in a week! I envy those of you with green thumbs!

faro said...

...and I have happy visions of you on your mower, you are always wearing a floppy brimmed hat.

Your blog is delightful.


Katie said...

faro- I don't wear a floppy brimmed hat. If I have a hat on, it's a baseball cap with sunglasses. :)


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