Sunday, February 15, 2009

Oyster Shells

I seriously doubt that there are many people that live inland that till up oyster shells in their garden. Well, now you know one. Me.
We go to the panhandle every Autumn and bring back oysters. I save the shells. I love the color and texture of them. And they are so useful in the garden.
I made a mosaic in the corner of our driveway with oyster shells, clam shells and rocks and fossils picked up from different parts of the US. Whenever I need a handful of oyster shells, I know exactly where to find them.
I use them to mark the rows of freshly planted seeds. I surround tiny seedlings with them.
And today, when I was out in the garden spreading bags of leaves that we hauled from town, I found a new use for them. I needed my pocketknife to slice the bags open, but didn't have it on me. But poking out of the freshly tilled earth was an oyster shell. I picked it up and sliced through the bag. Easy as pie~
I do love being surrounded by shells. It makes being landlocked a bit easier.
Until next time.....

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Jamie said...

Being a southern girl, I don't think I've ever seen snow and oyster shells in the same photo! I see them a lot in south Alabama used to fill pot holes in dirt driveways. Nice mix to have them on your place up there.


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