Friday, February 27, 2009

Let The Gardening Begin

I started our broccoli, cabbage and parsley seeds yesterday. It is now officially gardening season. It felt really good to be outside in the unseasonably warm 70 degree weather, barefoot with dirt under my finger nails again.
The last two gardening seasons have been rough in Tennessee. The drought was awful! I felt so so bad for the local farmers. No amount of mulch or water can really save a garden when the Earth is as dry as it's been the past two growing seasons.

That's hard to imagine on a day like today. It's raining cats and dogs and there is standing water everywhere. I am not complaining. We need every last drop. Soon the landscape will start to green up and blossom. I do have a handful of mini daffodils and snow crocus blooming; which is always a comforting sight. The bare naked freshly tilled earth in the garden will be bursting with seedlings and plants. Here's to a year full of green growth and fresh organic veggies.
Until next time.....


sassyglassdesigns said...

We were told it was too late to start seeds so we were just going to buy plants this year. Love the earrings and the ear wires...did you make the ear wires also?

sherry said...

Starting plants from seed is a divine pleasure isn't it?

I'll start next week, since winter here, will last a bit longer.

I am going to cut some forsythia today to force the blooms in doors.

Katie said...

I never listen to what they say about seed starting. I could have started ours earlier, but then I have to worry more about cold weather interfering with the germination rates.
I didn't make those earwires, but I can. I bought them in bulk and ended up deStashing some in my other shop.

Grammatically Delicious Designs said...

I just posted pics of North Dakota snow today. It will be, literally, months before we get started. I can't wait for fresh lettuce, and radishes, and potatoes, and carrots and . . . . Enjoy your weather.



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