Tuesday, February 12, 2013

A Sea of Flannel

The other day John mentioned that he needed a couple of new flannel shirts, so I made plans to visit one of the Goodwill stores in our county this week. I went today and hit the mother load. I probably could have come home with twenty soft, beautiful flannel shirts, but stopped myself at six; five for John and one for me. Neither one of us like red, so my eyes just passed over those. In the end this is what I ended up with. I didn't even realize that I picked so many shirts in the same color palette.

I have always loved thrift stores. I started shopping in them when I was in high school.
When I first moved to Nashville, there was a Goodwill within walking distance of my house. They used to have rows and rows of cowboy boots that were barely worn, in every color imaginable. I had several pairs of those beauties.

Then when I moved out to the country, I heard about a town named Hoenwald; thrift store heaven. Old buildings in this sleepy town in the middle of nowhere were piled high with mountains of incredible finds. Clothes from the 50's. Bark cloth fabric. Whole curtain panels of that beautiful fabric for pennies. I sewed bark cloth curtains, pillows, show curtains, quilts, skirts, shorts, shirts. Oh how I wish I had a fraction of that material today!

It's been a wonderful day. I can't wait for dearJohn to get home and see his treasures.
Until next time.....

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