Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Industrial Flora

I've always decorated my gardens with found objects. The thing finder in me is always bringing something home. Driftwood and shells from a walk at the beach. Fossils and rocks from a stroll down the creek. Rusty wagon wheels. Old milk jugs. Cedar posts. I can't help but peek inside the metal dumpster at the recycling center, in hopes that there will be something good in there that I can bring home.

I have a new jewelry line that reflects my love of mixing rusty and forgotten treasures in with my flowers and veggies. I named it Industrial Flora and it's starting to bloom in my shop. Click here and you'll be taken to my Etsy garden.

It's going to be a warm week, with no rain expected. I may be able to turn some of the garden. Perennials are coming back to life. Beds need to be weeded. Leaves and compost spread. All of a sudden there's so much to do. And just when I was enjoying my hibernation.
Until next time.....

1 comment:

Maryann said...

Ooh love your title for your jewellery range! Very apt and your designs show wonderful contrast.


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