Friday, July 17, 2009

In The Garden

A little rain and a lotta sunshine = a happy garden.

Celebrity Tomatoes:

Florida Butter Bean trellis:

Eggplant. I think my White Beauty Eggplant has been out running 'round:

Cayenne Peppers:

Corn Silk:


We've had an incredible Summer growing season, so far; which is really nice after two summers of drought.
Off to tie tomatoes~
Until next time.....


Jean-Marie said...

You are my gardening hero!!!! Beautiful!!

Thank you so much for featuring my peppermint soap below, too!!


Judy said...

Your garden looks beautiful...we have had the just amount of rain to keep everything growing so nicely, In fact it is raining right now!

Denise said...

gorgeous garden! Our garden isn't doing so well. We had 25 days of rain in June! Hopefully July will be sunnier and it will just be a late season.

Christina said...

The corn silk looks like a little blond wig and my bunnies would kill to get into that parsley. Great pictures.

nina kuriloff said...

terrific garden shots!


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